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        發表時間:2014-04-23 17:09:02  閱讀次數:2528


        3075DP-II是由多種具有親水性的非離子表面活性劑組合而成的新型助劑,消泡效果顯著,具有優異的安全性和環境友好性,屬于綠色環保型增效劑。持久起泡性能要求符合CIPAC MT47.1HG/T2467.6-2003標準的要求。

        This series products are low-foam additives for glyphosate aqueous solution (AS) developed by Nanjing Keyi New Material according to the Persistent Foaming standards of ICPAC MT 47.1 and National Chemical Industry Standard HG/T2467.6-2003, which are mainly composed of alkyl polyglycoside (APG) and variety of hydrophilic non-ionic surfactant, and without using tallow alkylamine, NPE, OPE and dioxane. 3075DP-II shows its outstanding capability in controlling foams as well as remarkable weed control efficacy without any defoaming agent added. The long inhibitory effects on foam can meet the requirements of the world market on glyphosate AS.